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I provide private sessions in AP Computer Science, which are structured per the student’s requirements. The private sessions are one to one in which I’ll teach you any AP CS topic of your choice and provide help with projects and homework.

  1. Choose any AP Computer Science Topic
  2.  Learn the concepts in a private 1 to 1 session
  3.  Pay after your first lesson

Why Private online AP Computer Science Tutoring

There are many ways to prepare for AP exams, including self-study, practice exams and review courses. However, the best way to do well in exams is to get lessons from a teacher or a tutor.

Being an Oracle certified professional trainer with 300+ reviews and ratings, I can teach you AP Computer Science better than any of my competition.

Take a free demo, and you’ll have no choice but to become my student.

Benefits of Taking AP Computer Science A Tutoring

Learn the Best Practices

The student will be able to learn the best practices used to solve the problem. The best practices taught in the private 1 to 1 session comes from years of industry experience, which help student in the long run.

Solve Commonly Asked AP Computer Science Questions

The student will be given commonly asked AP Computer Science questions in the class, which will help him prepare for the test.

Improve your AP test scores substantially

I’ve got more than 300 reviews and ratings from students who passed AP Computer Science exams with flying colors. With these classes, your level of preparation for your AP Computer Science will get a big boost.

Explore academic interests

In the class, the student will not only be prepared for the AP Computer Science Exam but also get a sneak peek into live projects to help him explore his interests.

How Online AP Computer Science Tutoring Works

The classes take place using google meet. There is no need for the student to turn on the camera. I’ll teach you the concept, provide questions and take doubts in the class.

How to Sign Up for 1 on 1 AP Computer Science Tutoring?

To book the free demo lesson, please fill up your phone number and email in this form or directly call or message me here.

We’ll chat and fix up the class time. Then we’ll meet using google meet!

Aniket Malik

Aniket Malik

AP Computer Science Tutor | Trainer

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Aniket Malik

Aniket Malik


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