Important Python Concept

Introduction to Python

What is programming?


Basically, creating a set of commands on the basis of which software or computer will reciprocate is called
When the program is executed, the computer performs a specified task.
Likewise, Python is a very useful and efficient computer language used for programming.


What is Python?


Python is a very famous and prominent computer language used for programming. It was invented in 1991
by Guido van Rossum.


Utility of Python


Python can be used for multiple purposes like:
1.  Machine Learning
2.  Software development
3.  Game Making
4.  Web development
5.  Advance and basic mathematics and many more.


Why Python?


Python is a very easy, flexible yet advanced user-friendly language that helps in the execution of advanced programming yet in a very easy to understand format.

It is rated as one of the most famous and fastest learning and easy to understand language. It is also considered one of the fastest growing

  • Python is an easy and general programming language.
  • It can be used anywhere from backend development to gaming.
  • It is extensively used in data science and machine learning.


Aniket Malik

Aniket Malik


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