Important Java Concept

Introduction to Java

What is programming?


Basically, creating a set of commands on the basis of which software or computer will reciprocate is called programming.


What is Java?


Java is a very famous and prominent computer language used for programming. It was invented in 1995. According to the company that owns it (Oracle), there are 3 billion active devices using Java.


Utility of Java


Java can be used for multiple purposes like:
1.  Android App Development
2.  Desktop App Development using Swing / JavaFX
3.  Game Making (though not recommended!)
4.  Server side coding using Spring
5.  Automation Testing


Why do Companies use Java?


In simple words, the use cases mentioned above define the reason for enterprise companies like Intellij and Google to use Java.

There are many features of java that make it unique like being secure, versatile, Object oriented, and cross platform.


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